Try Some Fun & Cool Invitations For Your Wedding

Marriage is a wonderful union of two souls and couples naturally wish to make their wedding a memorable event. Some couples try for some cool wedding invitations for their invitees. By giving the delightful wedding card, your guests too will feel great love towards you. You can choose either the traditional or the fun wedding invitations. Nowadays, couples are choosing the funny wedding invitations to invite their friends & well wishers. There are enormous ideas fun ideas for wedding events. Wedding theme like vampires and Dracula are used in many wedding events. The invitation cards designed for this theme must be scary and red ink is used for the invitation?s text.

funky wedding invitations

This could be an unusual idea for the wedding. Another way of designing funky wedding invitations is by making different shapes of the invitation card. If you are a groom and you are a lover of Suzuki motor bikes, then you and your partner can give a pose on the bike. This photo can be printed on the front of the invitation. The invitation can be made funny by allowing someone to sketch the cartoon figures of you and your partner. Some kind of hilarious text can be added in the speech bubble. The message that you want to convey to your invitees can be written in a humorous way that it makes your guests to get a smile on their faces.

funny wedding invitations

Some couples try for balloon invitation method. Here, your name and your partner?s name along with the date of marriage are printed on some bright colored balloon. The receiver of the balloon has to blow up the balloon to uncover the wedding information. You can also take humorous photos of yours and your partners and with the help of graphics software; you can be able to edit it in a funny way. Vector graphics are most widely used to create patterns and bold shapes. The quality of the graphics is good as if this uses modern digital techniques. The television characters that are most popular can be used as a theme for your wedding. If you are a graphic designer, then you can design the card yourself that matches the theme of the wedding. The card can also designed by keeping the theme in mind. Use of unusual color combination like Fuchsia with teal blue, will attract the invitees. You can make use of many other bright colors for your invitation.

fun wedding invitations

Bold patterns like Leopard or Tiger stripes can be used on the invitation. If you are pianist, then you can make your wedding invitation shaped in a piano. Or else if you are a music artist, then you can have the idea of using a music card. When the card is opened by the invitee, some music is played. Other funky wedding invitations are themed around pirate ships or grave stones and skeletons. The text that is used in the invitation should also match with the wedding theme. You can check out for other funny wedding ideas online to get a better idea.

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