How To Make An Unusual Funny Wedding Invitations

Couples, who are about to get married, like to have their invitation card, be something unique. Many couples today think deeply on how to make wedding invitations unique from others. Each person has their own way to express the uniqueness. A groom, who is a guitarist, will like to have his wedding card shaped as a guitar. Similarly, a pianist would like to have different pictures of piano in the wedding card. Different themes can be used to make your wedding, a grand event in your life. If your life partner and you have a military background, then it would be the best to choose the military themes for your marriage. Trying something different in your wedding day, starts with the unusual wedding invitations. You can put the invitation in a special type of purse that is made out of some shining fiber and send the purse to the invitees. The invitation card must be designed by keeping the theme of the wedding in the mind. Some couples like vampire themes for their wedding.

funny wedding invitations

And if you are one among them, then you can make your wedding card that is quite scary and the text in the wedding invitation can be written in red ink to resemble blood. This theme is used by many of the couples and hence people can remember your wedding for a quite a long time. With the arrival of graphic software, card designers can make funny wedding invitations. Software had made the work easier to create funny & inexpensive wedding invitations . If you are a graphic designer, then you can put some more effort to design the card yourself. Here, you might require the help of your life partner to make the design really funny. You can initiate designing by simple step like color combination and choosing the shapes. One simple idea to make your wedding invitation funny is by making the text in the card humorous. This would bring a smile on the invitee?s face. Using comic elements like funny words and cartoons can be used.

Make someone to draw a cartoon picture of yours and your life partner. Along with this, you can use word balloons to convey the message to your invitees. The front design of the invitation card can be the cartoon version of the two of you. Another idea for an unusual wedding invitation is by designing the card themed around some popular television shows that is a favorite of you two. Use of funny lines in the invitation text would be worthy to make your invitees laugh. Search online to get some hilarious rhyming sentences for your invitation text. Take funny photographs of you and your fiancé and you can print on the invitation card. Along with this, adding few funny captions to the photographs will seem funnier to the invitees. Also make the invitation card to be in different shape so that it catches the eyes of the guests. There are just many options to make the wedding funny. If you really want your wedding to be something unique, then you can check out for these above mentioned ideas.

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